Rīgas Stila un modes tehnikums

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Rīgas Stila un modes tehnikums

Address: Ūdeļu iela 22

Telephone: +371 67 532 721

Website: https://rsmt.lv/lv/

Riga Style and Fashion Technical College is a vocational education competence centre with more than 55 years of experience in training young professionals.

Our mission:

A professional education platform where our knowledge and experience meet creativity and curiosity to build a secure future.

Our values:

  • Recognition – a sign of quality and the image of the technical college
  • Creativity – in our educational process and in our essence
  • Growth – attraction to European standards and the pursuit of challenging ideas and goals
  • Environmental and human security – in our attitudes and way of thinking, in the environment of the technical college, in the microclimate and in the consumption, choice and circulation of resources
  • Experience and continuity – in the knowledge of our teachers, in the exchange of experience between craftsmen and in the provision of new professional traineeships
  • People as sources of ideas, carriers of value and recipients of knowledge.


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