Istituto Omnicomprensivo “Salvatorelli-Moneta”

Istituto Omnicomprensivo “Salvatorelli-Moneta”

Address: Via Cardinale F.Satolli, Marsciano, Umbria, 06055


Telephone: +39 075 874 33 10


I.O.SALVATORELLI-MONETA” is located in a rather large municipal territory that has about 18,700 inhabitants. About 50 percent of the inhabitants live in the main village (Marsciano), the other half is distributed in the surrounding villages that are connected to the center by few public transport.

For many decades, SMEs have been the main business and a secure source of income for many local families. For over a decade, the economic crisis has affected many of these productive realities, as well as the tertiary sector, crafts and agriculture. In recent decades there has been the phenomenon of immigration of European and non-European origin, which has become part of the social fabric and the working environment. One of the main objectives of the I.O. “SALVATORELLI-MONETA” is to welcome students and help them to grow first as people and then as students.
Our mission is to provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies, but also to focus on values such as democracy, tolerance, peace, justice and solidarity.

The school collaborates with the different authorities, institutions, private and Sublic organizations that support the educational activities.


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