I.O. G. Pontano – Cerreto di Spoleto

I.O. G. Pontano – Cerreto di Spoleto

Address: Via D. Alighieri, Cerreto di Spoleto, Perugia, 06041

Telephone: +39 0743 91220

Website: omnicomprensivocerretodispoleto.edu.it

Our Institute was established in 1998/1999 following the sizing and rationalisation requirements adopted by the Ministry of Public Education and brings together the three types of school: nursery, primary and secondary, located in four municipalities of the Valnerina: Scheggino, Sant’Anatolia di Narco, Vallo di Nera and Cerreto di Spoleto.

The institute currently includes nine school buildings located in five municipalities of the Valnerina: CERRETO DI SPOLETO, VALLO DI NERA, S. ANATOLIA DI NARCO, SCHEGGINO and SELLANO and is characterised in the territory as a ‘school of quality’, capable of placing the pupil and his or her life project at the centre of its very being.



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