IstitutoOmnicomprensivo R. Laporta – FABRO

Istituto Omnicomprensivo R. Laporta – FABRO

Address: Via Giovanni XXIII, Fabro, Terni, 05015
Telephone: +39 0763 832044


IO R.Laporta includes the Kindergarten, the Primary School and the VET School for Agriculture, which is located in Fabro (Terni).

The total number of our pupils is around 680, with about 17.2 % of our pupils from abroad. Our students’ parents are employed in the tertiary sector, in the construction industry and in agriculture. The relevance of agriculture reflects a rural culture that the School wants to re-discover and enhance through the educational activities.

Our Mission is identified with the motto “non scholae sed vitae discimus” (Latin for “Not for school, but for life we learn”), pointing out our commitment to support personal and professional development based on three issues:

  • Inclusive education;
  • Digital literacy;
  • Sustainability.


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