Computer Science High school “Gr. Moisil”

written text: Liceul Teoretic de Informatica “GR. MOISIL”

Computer Science Highschool “Gr. Moisil”

Address: Street Petre Andrei 9
Iași 700496

Telephone: +40232 211 826


The “Grigore Moisil” Theoretical High School of Informatics in Iaşi was established in 1971 and has so far displayed outstanding performances in each discipline of study. The value of the high school is demonstrated both by the large number of prizes obtained by students at school competitions and Olympiads and by the high rate of those who continued their studies at universities and faculties of various specialties in the country and abroad. A significant number of high school graduates make their presence known in the countries of North America, Western Europe, or even Japan by working at prestigious companies such as Microsoft USA, CONTINENTAL, AMAZON.


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