Italy’s impact on the transformation towards a more digital and sustainable Government

Italy’s digital transformation in particular encouraged information sharing among members in order for governments to make the most of digital technologies to better serve the economy and society. This strategy was important for Italy, revealing the country’s appetite to accelerate its digital transition. For the first time in its history, Italy is going to have a Ministry for Ecological Transition, meaning a specific institution for the transformation of the Italian production system.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is teaming up with the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition (IMET) and the United Nations environment programme (UNEP), to call for pilot projects on how digitalisation can contribute to flexible and resilient energy systems.

The birth of the Ministry for Ecological Transition was very much pushed for by the Five Star Movement and specifically by its founder Beppe Grillo, who met with prime minister Mario Draghi to discuss the topic on the occasion of the presidential consultations.

What will the project contribute to?

  • The stimulus and economic recovery dimension of power system modernisation and increased use of demand-side resources;
  • Creating a primer project for policymakers, identifying current and future dynamics and changes towards decarbonised, resilient, and smart power systems;
  • Screening and tracking of technological progress for smart grids and demand-side resources.


Expected Benefits

The project caters to the urgent need to ensure the efficiency and resilience of powers systems to enable cost-effective clean energy transitions include:

  • Enabling transformational impacts;
  • Embedding replicability and scalability;
  • Facilitating innovation and visibility;
  • Quantifying sustainable development benefits.


The Digital Republic is the national strategic initiative promoted by the Department for Digital Transformation of the presidency of the council of Ministers with the aim of combating the culturally-based digital exclusion present in the Italian population, supporting digital inclusion as much as possible and promoting education in the future technologies, accompanying the country’s digital transformation process.

In Italy, the newly founded Ministry is going to gather some of the key responsibilities that belong to the Ministry of Economic Development. This Ministry is going to have a role on environmental responsibilities such as waste management, water resources management and environmental defence.


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