Special Vocational High School of Egaleo

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Special Vocational High School of Egaleo

Address: Minoos and, Proodou 1
Aigaleo, Athens

Telephone: +30 2105447255



The Unified Special Vocational High School-Lyceum of Aegaleo (EN.E.E.GY.-L. Aegaleo), serves students of the 3rd Directorate of Secondary Education of Athens.
It belongs to Secondary Special Vocational Education, it is aimed at students with special educational needs.
The school structure of ENEEGYL consists of a four-class Gymnasium and a four-class Lyceum.
Students have the opportunity to participate in the National Examinations for admission to Tertiary Education (ATEI) and to continue their studies further.


  1. Mechanical Engineering Sector
    Specialty: Technician of Thermal and Hydraulic Installations and Oil and Natural Gas Technology.
  1. Agriculture, Food and Environment Sector
    Specialty: Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Technician.
  1. IT Sector
    ​Specialty: IT Applications Technician.


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