High school “Miron Costin”

laurel wreath, school name and weapon with a man and a book

High school “Miron Costin”

Address: Street Musatini 12
Iași 700591

Telephone: +40232 257 408

E-Mail: secretariat@ltmcis.ro

“Miron Costin” Theoretical High School in Iasi was established in 1972 and is a reference high school for Iasi education. The value of the high school is given by the large number of prizes obtained by our students at school competitions and Olympiads. Also, the numerous projects in which the entire school community is involved recommend this high school as a safe option for high school students who want to continue their studies in our school unit. The high percentage of graduates who continue their studies at universities and faculties of various specialties in the country and abroad confirms, once again, the value of this high school.


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