National strategy on education for the environment and climate change 2023 – 2030

The National Strategy on Education for the Environment and Climate Change 2023-2030 was adopted. It is the first time that Romania adopts a national strategy dedicated to education for the environment and climate change.

The programmatic document establishes clear actions to increase the degree of education and awareness, among children and young people, regarding sustainable development and environmental responsibility. The objectives and the measures foreseen aim at several levels (formal and non-formal education, human resources, including teacher training, investments, open resources, partnerships, etc.), through four directions of action:

– implementation of a National Educational Program for environment and climate;

– identifying, promoting and facilitating solutions for the creation and use of educational resources;

– creating, developing and supporting the rehabilitation of infrastructure for sustainable schools;

– the training of human resources involved in education regarding the environment and climate change in order to promote a culture of sustainability at the level of educational institutions.


ISJI monitored the completion of blended courses by 20 teachers from the 11 schools in Iași county, partners in the project, in February 2023. It evaluated, in May 2023, 9 open educational resources made by 21 students, coordinated by 6 teachers, from 5 schools in the city of Iași.


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