Economic Technological High School of Tourism

capital letters: E and T

The Economic Technological High School of Tourism

Address: Str. Milcov 18A
700580 Iași

Telephone: +40232 245 778


Our high school was established on the 1st of September 2004. Being a technological high school, students who come here train to become specialists in three main fields Tourism and Food Industry, Commerce and Economics. They can become Tourism Technicians, Hotel Technicians, Banqueting Organisers, Gastronomy Technicians, Commerce Technicians or Technicians for economic activities. There is also a class for professional training, half of it for waiters/waitresses, sellers in food shops and the other half for confectioners and pastry chefs.  After passing the final national exam, the students from high school  can also choose to continue their studies at a university if they want.

This school year there are about 900 students and they come from both urban areas (about 60%) as well as from the rural areas (about 40%).

We aim to prepare our students for the labour market as well as to develop their skills – the ability to work in a team, to make decisions, to realise the importance of being a volunteer, of protecting our environment, of promoting traditions and of being able to learn foreign languages.

Due to the active participation of pupils and teachers in European projects, our school received the “Certificate of European School” in 2012, 2015 and 2018.


Since last year we have received the Erasmus Accreditation for school education and vocational education and training.


Our Erasmus+ Projects:

Erasmus+ KA201 “Be Clean, Be Green! Promoting the Sustainable Development of Our Community”, –



Promoting National Identity in European Context through Customs and Traditions

Cooperation of European schools to produce, use and disseminate Open Educational Resources with the use of ICT

“Sustainable Energy Management@School in Europe”

Teachers for an Open Vocational School

Volunteering Projects:

  • “Food for Pilgrims and the Soul”
  • “Assistance for orphans and children raised only by EU mothers” – project implemented by the Hecuba Foundation
  • “First Aid in High School” – partnership with the Ambulance Service from Iași
  • “Health Campaign” – funded by FNO
  • “Solidarity ABC” – funded by FNO
  • “Offer a Smile and Help a Soul”

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