Good DEEDs presented at a national VET conference in Latvia

The closing conference of two ESF funded projects led by Valsts izglītības satura centrs (VISC) was held on 30 November in Riga, Latvia. Both national-scale projects  “Improvement of the sector qualification system for the development of vocational education and quality assurance” (No and “Providing efficient management of vocational training institutions and development of professional competence of involved personnel” (No. were targeted towards improvement of Latvian vocational education system.

The conference was enriched by a keynote speech by Kristīne Doroško,  European Climate Pact Ambassador in Latvia and one of the experts involved in “Good DEEDs” project. She empasized the need to raise awareness of  sustainable development, green thinking and circular economy issues in all stages of VET system from young students to school managers and sector representatives. Kristīne also presented “Good DEEDs” project as one of the ways how to encourage student action towards a green economy through engaging and innovative activities. The event was attended by around 200 participants including policy makers, social partners, business sector representatives, educators, school managers and teachers.

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