Greece is leading Europe’s investments in green energy


Greece can emerge as one of the countries that will lead the energy transformation in Europe by 2030, estimates BloombergNEF (BNEF) in its latest analysis of the future of electricity in Greece. According to BNEF’s minimum cost analysis, the Greek electricity system will change rapidly in the current decade, increasing its size by 55% by […]

Digital campaigns with less carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is a concept associated with the use of fossil derivatives, such as fuel burning by engines, whether for locomotion or for industrial production. In reality, all human activity leaves footprints in the environment. Including digital activity. Designed to contribute to neutralizing CO2 emissions, an innovative project was born in Brazil, aimed at […]

National strategy on education for the environment and climate change 2023 – 2030


The National Strategy on Education for the Environment and Climate Change 2023-2030 was adopted. It is the first time that Romania adopts a national strategy dedicated to education for the environment and climate change. The programmatic document establishes clear actions to increase the degree of education and awareness, among children and young people, regarding sustainable […]

5 New Year’s resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint

The new year is underway and with it, you’ll find dozens of New Year’s resolutions to choose from. Perhaps this year, you are looking for resolutions that can help reduce your carbon emissions. This article – published in January 2023 on – shares 5 New Year’s resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint. Make 2023 […]

What is the Action Plan for Digital Education?

The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) is a renewed European Union (EU) policy initiative to support the sustainable and effective adaptation of EU Member States’ education and training systems to the digital era. The Action Plan for Digital Education: Offers a long-term strategic vision for a high-quality, inclusive and accessible European digital education; Addresses the […]

Environmental subjects in Pre-university Education in Romania

Common Core and School Decision Curriculum Subjects with Implications for Environmental and Climate Change Education in Pre-University Education: Preschool education Optional discipline: “Ecological and environmental protection education”. Primary education Disciplines from the common core: Geography (4th grade) – with learning activities: acquiring interest in understanding the role of the environment for the life and activity […]

The contribution of digital technologies in reducing energy-related costs and emisions

With businesses around the world facing unprecedented pressures from energy costs and climate change, a new report from the Energy Efficiency Movement shows that improving energy efficiency in industries is the fastest and most effective way for a business to reduce its energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Efficiency Movement is a global […]

Latvian teachers acquiring skills to train youth for a greener future

10 teachers from education institutions of Latvia are currently taking part in “Good DEEDs” online training and are busy drafting the plan for the piloting phase of the methodology with their students, which will commence in January 2023. The participant selection was done through an open call on Valsts izglītības satura centrs (VISC) website and […]

Good DEEDs presented at a national VET conference in Latvia

The closing conference of two ESF funded projects led by Valsts izglītības satura centrs (VISC) was held on 30 November in Riga, Latvia. Both national-scale projects  “Improvement of the sector qualification system for the development of vocational education and quality assurance” (No and “Providing efficient management of vocational training institutions and development of professional […]